Why Lithium ion battery is growing in demand?


Li-ion battery underwent initial scientific tests in 1912 under the supervision of G.N Lewis. However the very first non-rechargeable type was commercially made available in the market only during the early 1970s. Again in the 1980s, several attempts were made to develop rechargeable Li-ion batteries, but without much success due to safety issues.

Why Lithium?

It is considered to be the lightest among all metals discovered and also comes with the biggest electrochemical potential. Moreover, per weight, it is said to provide the greatest energy density. These batteries are constructed with negative electrodes (lithium metal anodes). They are designed to deliver amazing capacity and excellent voltage, thereby resulting in extraordinary higher energy density. Doing some research on the web will allow you to come across a good Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer.

During the 1980s, rechargeable lithium batteries underwent thorough investigation. It was revealed that changes are noticed in the lithium electronic on cycling. Such transformations due to wear & tear and may reduce thermal stability and trigger potential thermal runway related issues. As soon as this takes place, cell temperature begins to quickly come close to lithium’s melting point. This in turn causes a violent response referred to as ‘venting with flame’. In 1991, these batteries in large numbers that were sent to Japan were compelled to be recalled after a battery fitted within a smartphone had created flaming gases. This resulted in causing facial burns on an unfortunate user.

With lithium metal known for its underlying instability especially during charging, scientists are using lithium ions to create non-metallic lithium batteries. When compared to lithium metal, lithium ion is said to be somewhat lower in its energy density. However, it is completely safe to be used. But still it is necessary for end-users to take precautionary measures while charging as well as discharging the battery. The very first Lithium ion battery was commercialized by Sony Corporation in 1991, followed by others. Nowadays, you can find Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery to be a wonderful technology that is in huge demand in the industry.

Lithium ion battery energy density is stated to be twice of Nickel Cadmium battery. With electrode active components witnessing constant upgrades, it has the potentiality to enhance energy density by over three times when compared to Nickel cadmium. Besides good capacity its load attributes are significant. It behaves just like Ni-Cd with regards to discharge abilities. Saved electrical power can be used wisely due to its flat discharge curve and in desirable voltage range.

As a matter of fact, lithium ion battery can be termed to be a low-maintenance battery, something other batteries available in the market cannot claim. No regular cycling or memory is necessary to prolong its life. Its self-discharge is also found to be less by about 50% when compared to that of NiMH and Ni-Cd. It is for this reason that lithium ion is found to be ideal for almost all modern applications. For more such details, you can refer to https://www.jbbatterychina.com/!


  • Low self-discharge, which is around 50% much less than taht of Nickel metal hydride and Ni-Cd.
  • No memory, occasional discharge necessary and reduced maintenance.
  • Higher energy density.


  • Subject to aging either in use or not. Battery needs to be stored in temperature controlled place with 40% charge to reduce aging impact.
  • Needs protection circuit, which limits current and voltage. If unprovoked, battery is safe.
  • Medium discharge current.
  • Expensive to produce about 40% higher when compared to Cadmium, Nickel.

China Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery is however much affordable and used in variety of electronics including golf cart.