The many pros and cons of LED high bay lights


LED lights are used for home use and also in high bay areas like a stadium. Their better technology is a good sign for the future since they are different from the harmful conventional lights. The emission rate of LEDs is considerably low and they are cost-effective as well. Here are some pointers to discuss the pros and cons of LED high bay light. There are multitudes of advantages offered by LED lights.

LED Hight Bay Lights

Pros of LED Hight Bay Lights


The LED lights from are compatible with several fixtures and are made bearing in mind the daily requirement of commercial and domestic properties.

Zero ultraviolet radiation

One of the major features of LED light is that it never emits UV rays. The traditional bulbs tend to have a destructive effect on the ecosystem sooner or later. The LEDs are made with the vision of helping the world be a better place.

Life cycle

Another major pro in favour of the LED is its durable nature. Each light and bulb comes with a lifespan that is typically indicated in terms of the anticipated number of hours it will operate. Though it must be sufficient to say that the LED lights have a higher life span, it is significant to mention that the age of these lights can be as high as 50 times compared to a traditional bulb. This marked variation in the durability is what makes the LED high bay light a favourite among the masses.

Helps save energy

The LED lights save money because they save energy. These lights are long-lasting which gives the buyer more reason to opt for them. However, even as the long-term quality is going to be beneficial, it is essential to note down that usage of these lights help save energy on a daily basis.

Save AC bills

This might sound a bit weird; however, the LED installed in the home helps cut down the AC bills. These lights are much cooler compared to traditional bulbs that they don’t emit heat waves. Hence the immediate environment surrounding the light stays cool and this gets reflects through in the low energy consumption by the air-conditioner.

Cons of LED Hight Bay Lights

The initial investment is high

The essential reason why people still tend to shy away from utilizing LEDs is that the fixtures are pricey compared to the ones of traditional technology. But, the comforting bit is that regardless of the huge initial cost, the purchaser can save their money when paying the electric bills. The high investment cost gets compensated very soon.

Might not be suitable for some situations

Dimmable LED, high bay light and fixtures are good for typical situations, however, they might not be suitable enough to meet the requirements in some specific areas. But still, such circumstances are uncommon and rare and applicable only during emergencies or unforeseeable contingencies.

Cheap quality LEDs are bad

The durable nature of the lights depends on the quality. If you tend to use a cheap one, then it might fade long before its stated lifespan. You need to opt only for trusted and reliable manufacturers and suppliers while buying these lights.