Advantages of Custom Eyelashes and Mink Designs from MissAngel Lashes



If anyone is searching for high quality niche area of eyelashes of unique and variety of designs then MissAngel Lashes is the obvious choice. This wholesale manufacturer of eyelashes has built up their business over the past ten years such that they are currently top leaders in this field. They are specialists in both custom eyelashes as well as mink lashes and have been steadily widening their commercial reach in almost all countries of the world.

They have been offering contracts for retail outlets exclusively for their eyelashes to individual sellers who may purchase them on bulk from their site at for bigger price discounts than that offered by competitors. Once you accept their terms and conditions of contract which is quite short you are able to sell their lashes to customers of your hometown or county.

Benefits of Professional Service and Support

You are likely to get top class benefits from MissAngel Lashes as they have been in this business for so many years. You get professional advices when you start your own venture of selling eyelashes bought in bulk from them. Since, the market for quality eyelashes are not fully met you are surely find demand going up when you open your store.

You may get custom eyelash packaging delivered within days so that you may easily sell them directly to your customers without the need for scrutinizing each item in detail. The wholesalers MissAngel Lashes have highly skilled craftsmen and workers and their system of checking pieces during assembling, packaging and dispatch have no human error.

Handcrafted eyelashes are so intricate in design and artwork that they are at once an attraction to any buyer so proper display of them at your store would create demand. The mink lashes are said to be of original mink and the wholesalers have specifically seen that no animals have been treated cruelly.

You may click at eyelash box to look at different types of mink lashes and their designs before being free shipped to your shop.

Custom Packaging Orders and More

If you have custom packaging orders or want specific ways your bulk orders of eyelashes have to be delivered then they have a professional team to comply with your requirements. They have delivery arrangements with leading courier service and no parts of the world are untouched by them.

They have unique design capabilities so that can easily promise to your customers 25mm eyelashes, 20mm eyelashes and 16mm eyelashes. Besides, you have another big advantage when you deal with them and this is that they are particularly strict about cleanliness. In other words, you find their mink lash vendors consistently placing orders with them due strict disinfection and sterilization process followed in the workshop.

Free Shipping and Timely Delivery

Due to their professionalism you will find that they can roll out all products in a timely manner and you get the same at your doorstep without fail as per the time schedule. Private labels are accepted here and so also if you have your own logo then that too is taken care of with ease of operation in their well managed system.

Usually wholesale mink lashes are sent within 3 to 5 days once order is confirmed. Sample orders are shipped within 24 hours from their factory and would reach clients within 3 to 5 days. Again, for custom packaging delivery it takes around 9 to 12 days to manufacture the same and shipment takes around 4 to 5 days.

You will find instructions along with the packages and their staffs are available online if you wish to place any specific query.