The lace wedding dresses by Carlo Pignatelli of the new collection for 2014, embellished with lace inserts. The Pignatelli lace wedding dresses are beautiful, romantic and elegant dresses that every woman dreams of wearing on the day of their wedding. The collection of Carlo Pignatelli lace wedding dresses for spring summer 2014 we saw a few weeks ago, today we focus on the beautiful lace proposals.

Carlo Pignatelli Lace Wedding Dresses

Carlo Pignatelli Lace Wedding Dresses

Here is Carlo Pignatelli Lace Wedding Dresses tuch with short hair look amazing

The lace wedding dresses is very classy and elegant, we have both dresses that are part of the Couture collection that those of Florinda, put very chic but in which we find a Baroque that is the setting for the entire collection. The designer offers us the lace in many variants, either as part of the dress, for example in the bodice or veil, which as decoration.

Lace Wedding Dresses by Carlo Pignatelli with veil

Lace Wedding Dresses by Carlo Pignatelli with veil, long gown bottom cover with lace

These dresses are very beautiful even if in some cases, those of the Couture collection, tend to be a bit ‘ too heavy and must therefore be taken in the right spirit. The Pignatelli lace wedding dresses, we find him in the bodices and sleeves of clothing, but also as a decoration at the neckline, for example on the edge of the skirt or waist, to give a little ‘ movement to the dress. The collection of lace wedding dresses in 2014 by Carlo Pignatelli …

Very beautiful lace veils that seem inspired by Madonna, are large and very classic, I would say spectacular, perfect for those who prefer a traditional wedding and a little ‘ retro, very baroque. And finally there are the lace gloves that are very nice, available in various designs, long or short, but even simple or embellished with maxi flakes.

If you’re looking for a lace wedding dress with classic details and very traditional, proposals lace Carlo Pignatelli are for you.