Baseball enough pocket money to buy professional nail art supplies? You do not need nail art tools and desperate so, girls. If we think creatively, the objects around us can be used as supplies for decorating nails, really.

01: Hairpin


For making a polka dot motif, there is a special brush for the dots to affix the top of your nails. Well, we need to use a brush that baseball is baseball that has, really. Simply use the bobby pin or toothpick pointed tip for making this motif.

02: Towel


Keening make snake skin pattern? We can use the same towel for this motif decorates nails. Simply use the corner of a towel dipped slightly to make nail polish and Bubonic little by little to the top of your nails.

03: Masking Tape

Masking Tape

Well, tape or masking tape is very useful when we keening make stripes on your nails. Why should it be made from paper, because let baseball too glue to your nails and nail polish colors that we make the basic baseball chipped.

04: Glitter

Glitter nail polish that we keening very expensive price. Sob. Even so, we still can use the same glitter and mixing clear nail polish, girls. We can choose the same color glitter suit our tastes.