How to make polka dots on nails, in this new spring-summer season polka dots are very fashionable, clothing, accessories and even make-up. Let’s see how to make your own this fantastic idea of ??applying the dots with the nail polish on their nails! Admin-Ajax

How to Make Polka Dots On Nails Step By Step


Step 1: You can choose any color you want to put in contrast. Yellow, pink, blue and purple as shown in the photo opposite, but also the black or the red will be perfect for your base and to choose the white polka dots , a nice contrast in enamel or, for a more delicate effect , you can choose color on color .

Step 2: Run a toilet manicure your nails.

Step 3: Apply a layer of clear nail polish, preferably reinforcing.

Step 4: Apply the nail polish on your nails and chose to allow it to dry well.

Step 5: Take a dotter, the tool for nail art that has a metal ball at the end, with this tool, after your enamel is dry, dip it in white enamel or color you have chosen and gently apply it on your nails, be careful not to drool, try to follow the logic in spreading the dots, the effect will be better.

Step 6: When the dots are too dry, apply a coat of clear nail polish to seal your nail art and to make it last longer.

You can run it with the semi-permanent polish.

A beautiful effect could be based enamel black and white polka dots. Combined with a black dress or a white shirt with shorts blacks will complete the work!

How to Make Polka Dots On Nails Note:

If you do not have the dotter you can use the back of a brush, the tip of a toothpick or a hairpin.