Beyonce haircut by early this week, Beyoncé reveals itself with a new cut on Instagram. Beautiful, the beautiful illustrated in a bold graphic look. We love?

The international star has had a very eventful weekend and festive. After celebrating the birthday of Taylor Swift with Justin Timberlake and Jay Z tregging, Beyoncé has recovered quickly from its “excess” (laughter, fun and costumes galore). Queen B is not just anyone!


Beyonce Haircut Shows Her New Graphic Look on Instagram

For a true Diva with a big D, Blue Ivy’s mother was soon a makeover and has not done things by half. And because it’s a whole new Beyoncé who posted on Instagram with a Christmas tree to luxury gifts to rival any fashionista. Watch out! More photogenic than ever, the wife of Jay-Z decided to change the head. Finished mid-long hair steep half way to the silky mane to die for! Queen of the capillary change, Beyoncé cracked on the volume and the ripples for a very natural effect and exotic. Rihanna had better watch out!


Radiant in dress slit at the Billboard Women in Music 2014, Beyoncé was also on her unpublished pictures posted on Instagram. In this atmosphere very Christmas and Chanel, the singer of 33 years also gave us an outfit to go with her new haircut. The least one can say is that Beyonce chosen a rather flashy look to get noticed.

Beyonce Haircut, beautiful newly adopted mane, sweetheart Jay Z threw his heart on the stripes and graphic patterns, printed two flagship of the season Fall-Winter 2014-2015. A fashionista to the end!


Perched on her black pumps, Beyoncé therefore aimed at a high waist skirt complex signed Kisua. She added more to this blue and white striped sweatshirt piece in the same line with gray sleeves. The combination of the two garments married every curve and went Beyoncé bright and bold! Mission accomplished for it girl was so eager to see more!

Source / instagram
photos Source by beyonce