Puma football boots: Tips to follow to clean football shoes

Cheap Football Boots
Cheap Football Boots


You may have recently purchased Football Boots to enhance your game and go the next level. But then it should be cleaned and maintained properly so that it shines and serves the purpose. With the right steps and knowledge, you can clean them to ensure it withstands rough usage and lasts long.

Tips to clean your World Soccer 2022 shoes the correct way

You need to take proper care of your football shoes. Otherwise, even the most expensive and tough ones are prone to get damaged and wear & tear.

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  • On completion of your playing session and coming back home, first loosen its laces to remove the shoes from your feet. Then hold it and knock them both together to eliminate loose mud that could be sticking to it. With a stiff brush, clean its sides thoroughly.
  • Take a clean, damp cloth. The use lukewarm water to soak the cloth in it and squeeze it. Now, rub the cloth on your boots on all the sides to remove mud and dirt if present. Some mud could be stuck within its tiny grooves. Use a toothbrush to remove it.
  • Take the page of any old newspaper and scrunch it. Place it within your Cheap Football Bootsbefore storing it away for long-term. The newspaper kept in the shoes will enable it to stay in proper shape. Besides this, the newspaper also ensures that the boot absorbs moisture present in the shoes due to constant wearing or water that could have entered it while playing in wet ground. Remember to keep the boots in a dry, safe place. This way, it will dry quickly and will not give out that bad odour.
  • Once the boots have dried completely, use a Vaseline or petroleum jelly and grease its studs. Petroleum jelly when applied on the studs can help it from developing rust, thereby increasing your shoes’ lifespan. You can get more vital information at reputed portals like https://www.worldsoccer2022.com/.
  • To maintain your football boots’ original colour, you need to polish it regularly. Then after keeping it in this condition for 24 hours, us natural leather oil to apply it on the boots. This will ensure that the leather is saved from potential water damage when using it the next time.

Do’s & Don’ts to follow

There are many who tend to kick their shoes at its heel region. This act may be tempting, but should be avoided even if you choose to buy Puma football boots On Sale. This is because such acts may damage the shoes seriously.

Avoid wire brush usage on the shoes. Wire brushes are very harsh. Rather, choose a brush created from soft, natural material.

Puma football boots
Puma football boots

To clean the cleats of your Puma football boots, avoid using cleaning agent made up of harsh chemicals. Dip a clean cloth in lukewarm water to clean it. Also avoid keeping cleats close to the radiator to enable faster drying. This act will only stiffen it, thus making the cleats weaker.