Inspired accent is cute candy; water marble nail motif is really suitable for coloring our days.

Basecoat and topcoat
Nail polish colors white and red
Container of water
Nail polish remover
Scotch tape
Nail dryer

How To:

Apply basecoat and wait for it to dry, then apply white nail polish as a base color.

Adhere the tape around the finger. Until the area around the nail wrapped with tape.

Squirt water on white nail polish and red alternately. With a pin, pull the vertical line from the inside outwards. Next, draw a line horizontally back and did repeatedly.

Immediately dip our fingers into the water before the nail polish dries, the nails facing down position.

After the nail polish on the nails is completely dry, remove the tape and clean the rest of our finger nail polish from sticking. Then apply a topcoat.


Use nail polish with a more liquid texture that is easy to shedding into the water.

If baseball wants to bother wearing tape, we can try rubbing the lotion around your nails.

Be creative! We can try to ‘draw’ a wide variety of other designs, such as flowers or love.

Make sure baseball is nail polish is left on the water before lifting out of our fingers, because it can damage the nail polish that has stuck.

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