3 Drawbacks of nail polish nails become brittle, nervous system and heart are affected are the dangerous influence of nail polish.
1. Gel nail polish can cause brittle nails


Gel nail polish is one of the prominent trends in recent years because it not only creates attractive luster but also has a hardness of artificial nails. However, this coating can cause unforeseen harm. A study by experts have proved that formaldehyde gel made of painted nails become brittle and break more easily. If overexposure to formaldehyde, the female has the ability to increase the risk of asthma.

2. The nervous system is affected

Toluene is a toxic ingredient found in most types of nail polish. When the toluene to evaporate in the air, the inhalation and easy to use that negatively impact the nervous system, eye irritation, throat and lungs. This substance may be harmful to pregnant women and children that birth defects.

3. Damage to the heart, liver, lungs


Ethyl acetate and butyl acetate, acetic is often used as a solvent nail polish. Experts said exposure to these chemicals for long periods can lead to heart problems, lung and liver.