This talented girl baseball never far from being dark at every appearance. Starting from the outfit to the color of lipstick, baseball Lorde half the image forming dark character. Every now and then we should really cheating Lorde makeup style for adding dark and sensual impression on how we look, girls.

Dark Lipstick style inspiration Lorde




Dark purple lipstick so one Lorde favorite for her black outfit paired together. This color will give a bold impression on our lips. Alloy other makeup is quite simple, just add black eyeliner and blush on the baseball too obvious for us to enhance the appearance.




In addition to purple, sometimes Lorde chose a deep red lips made daubed on. As usual, the makeup Lorde baseball striking and relatively simple. The same lipstick color matching blood red shirt then wear Lorde.



Well, for everyday black lipstick is prone to exaggeration. However, we may occasionally use it for taking pictures or just come to the corresponding event. Lorde often wear black lipstick while on the red carpet.