New Year’s Eve to make a difference with your beauty and if you want to make this night unforgettable, fascinating, there is a need to make up my Angels! Here you step by step to make New Year’s Eve…

Far selection: After thoroughly cleanse your face first step, the giving of a quality foundation all over the face. Then we start from the eyes makeup. To the eyelid as a base metallic, light brown eyeshadow and then deported. You can get a piece of cotton glut.

Stunning eyes: Eyelid upper and lower lines of the same color with brown eyeliner or cream is belirginle?tiriliy in headlights. Browse the entire frame, drawn with a pen in these colors.

Eyes shadow: After the headlight eyelids as driven as the basis for the shadow came. The metallic orange lights into the shadows outside help yap.yor.maskaral eyes lashes: bottom lashes first as a dark brown towards the tip of the headlights should be brushed. Then another layer towards the interior of the exterior should be painted clown eyelashes.


Dark red lips: Dark red lips framed in color with a lip pencil, then painted house still dark red in color with a lipstick. With the help of a lip brush your lips can make the colors more permanent.

Your lips shine: More of your lips painted red for a stunning display in the middle portion of a lip gloss can take. Careful not to take all your lip gloss , lip gloss just do not drive to the central part of your formation provides a more pleasing image.

The result: New Year’s holiday, though short, your face will be rested. This serene face, carefully colored lips, rosy cheeks and carefully contoured eyes can decorate however. You make New Year’s Eve makeup, as well as striking as well be understated. So you prepared for the realization of this guide, it’s important to read the ingredients carefully. Even if you will not believe the emerging results.