How to prepare lipstick in the winter seasons?

During the winter season as well as more well-groomed lips and you need to do to appear more attractive? My angels for you!
lipstick in the winter
With the coming of the winter months due to changing weather conditions and hardens and dries your lips crack. For this winter sensitized lipstick to your lips before you make your selection, you must care required. First winter lips cracked petroleum jelly or moisturizing cream will suit your riding.
Experts peach and pink shades during the day in winter lipsticks, while others suggested the winter nights in shades of maroon and red lipstick recommend you to choose. To get the dryness of lips before lipstick Vaseline will also take you to your lips with lipstick that will add a more polished look. Winter white –skinned women also matte, pink, orange colors when feasible, earth tones, dark-skinned women, maroon and red lipstick recommend to prefer.
Experts also persist into winter dullness, lips pale colors are preferred there was no objection, she says.

Lipstick, seduction ally

Luscious lips and a well-shaped mouth makes every time an irresistible smile. Our advice and demonstrations on makeup lips and make a charming mouth. But before applying your lipstick, take good care of your mouth to allow the makeup stick well and ensure that the record is optimal. Exfoliate your lips Use and abuse of and lip balm to moisturize your lips. It may serve you as a basis for your lipstick or your lip gloss. There are also red lips with moisturizers that soften the lips and make them look fuller.

Choose and apply her lipstick

There are, to our delight, a multitude of lipsticks! Shiny, transparent, satin, pearlescent, stick or brush to apply, the choice is very wide. It remains to correctly apply the lipstick.

What equipment to use?

What technical adopt? We reveal all our tricks to beautify your lips, whether thin or plump. In terms of color, the choice is endless, but all is not allowed. – If you are brown, you can pretty much wear any lipstick. – If you are blond, red remains quite difficult to wear, choose light colors that soften your face as pink or peach. – Redheads prefer the warm hues like brown to light them face. – In any case, if you’re not used to wearing lipstick, avoid too dark or bright red color that will harden your features.


To us the glamor mouth!

Pink, red or nude?

Hot lipstick trends, to adopt this season. Get inspired also podiums and adopt red classic, simple, elegant lips, or assume flashy lips a sparkling mouth.

Lipstick for a wedding

Summer or winter, the make-up of a bride must rely on the natural order not to overload the outfit and hairstyle. The bride will build on a fresh and for this a red Natural Lip is often advised. Also browse our guide to see all our tips on wedding makeup.

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