How to weight loss 3 kg in a week with apple diet…

If you have problems with weight, do not panic, because apple diet discovered by a nutritionist comes hack extra weight and help you regain your enviable shapes.


English proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” returns to public eye especially during the cold season, when you lurk around every corner diseases. Those who eat apples regularly are less likely to suffer 20% of heart attacks and this is because the apple peel, which rebuilds muscles, keep blood sugar levels under control and lowers cholesterol.

It seems that the apple properties are recognized only in terms of enhancing immunity, but also in solving problems with weight and diet apple is the easiest solution to get rid of extra pounds.

The nutritionist Monica Grenfell created an apple diet to help you lose 5 kg per week, based on a healthy diet and some research to match. It supports acts as accelerator apples in fat loss contain fiber and natural sugars in these fruits cut your sugar cravings and decreases appetite.

Apple diet of nutritionist is based on a simple plan, but well done. In the first week of weight loss diet, you should consume between 3 and 5 apples every day and the first day is devoted to completely detoxify, so you have to eat only apples each May at the same time.

In weeks 2-4 day detox multiplies and so must be 3 days a week, but never consecutively. In the remaining days, the meals must have a low content of calories and carbohydrates and should not be missing from the menu 3 apples a day, consumed main course meals.

Are you willing to try the diet with apple? It feels heavy or counter is easy and healthy?