Father’s Day 2014 10 Gift Ideas To Do My Father


Father’s Day Gift Ideas! The gift for Father’s day should be chosen carefully and calmly: here are 10 ideas to get it right. Make a gift to my father for Father’s day is never easy, especially if you do not start with clear ideas. Before you open your wallet so reckless, you can think of to make something with their own hands. The anniversary falls on March 19 and there is plenty of time to create a special object. In the video above, for example, found a tutorial to make a nice frame. You may then enter your photograph.

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

01. A personalized mug: you could have printed the photo of the child or with your dad on the cup.


Father’s Day Gifts Personalised Mugs

02. A new tie is a classic gift enough, but if it works in the office, it could be a useful gift.


Father’s day classic gift works in the office

03. A home-cooked meal: dinner prepared with the children in a family devoted to Dad. You have to realize favorite dishes and then make a nice cake with an inscription.


Father’s day home-cooked meal

04. A CD. You can purchase the album of his favorite singer or you pack it with all his songs of the heart.

05. A day in the mountains. The season is almost over, so you have to take advantage of it and go with dad a day skiing with lunch in a cabin at high altitude.

06. A cover for your phone. They come in many genres; you can also personalize with a photo of the child.

07. A drawing. The little ones could make a beautiful drawing, perhaps adding a sentence card, which you can find here.

08. An aftershave. Get help from her mother in the choice, but a perfume or aftershave is always a very personal gift and appreciated.
09. A kit for the beard. It could be an electric razor or a brush with old style barber razor.

10. A scarf to keep warm.