Miley Cyrus hair chalk, the pro causes and looks crazy, makes hair chalk rainbow sky hairstyles, too much or always hairstyles trend?

Miley Cyrus is a proactive social networks, Instagram young woman does not filter anything and enjoys excess. To think she is bored, Miley inundates her account and her fans wanting more. Excluding shootings modes as recently as Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Richardson, it also carries selfies. This time, it highlights the Miley Cyrus hair chalk trend.

Miley Cyrus Hair Chalk Selfie on Instagram

You all think the trend was finally buried? Think again, but hair chalk hair contributes more to be fun between stars that look to everyday wear. As Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Miley Cyrus was also adopted.

Miley Cyrus plays the child wearing a wig, hair chalk color…

Selfies: Miley Cyrus plays the child wearing a wig, hair chalk color…

It is all about the hair, hair show guaranteed! Indeed, it is not a choice between colors and decided to play Chloe Norgaard using a wig rainbow sky. Very funky, this wig has long hair and a straight fringe. If its cut reminds us her younger years where she played the pop star Hannah Montana, so shy and virginal candor; is probably a bit of color.

Small selfie rainbow sky for Miley!

Selfies: Small selfie rainbow sky for Miley!

During this selfie, the singer opted for a crop-top offset, black and white neo-grungy. With this style, Miley Cyrus opted for a beauty look; only the mascara can see it is made up, a fake bad girl Miley Cyrus? We could not have better show. Cute, between gigs, the young woman to keep her child’s soul and it pleases! Only advice for fun we said yes, but a true fashionista would choose for her hair chalk color.

Source: Instagram Miley Cyrus
Photos Source By Miley Cyrus Instagram