The 5 Weight Training Exercises For Toning Legs And Arms To Do At Home


Weight training exercises to firm your legs and arms , there are many simple exercises you can do in your own home every day. Here are 5 very effective being able to show off toned legs and slim arms is definitely a goal of many women, more or less young, especially in view of the summer weight training exercises. What is it, in fact, more seductive than a nice pair of shapely thighs on the calves nervous and tapered arms and perfectly defined?

How To Weight training exercises

Too bad that often our upper and lower limbs, accomplices little inclination to physical activity and, perhaps, a tendency towards fatness, quickly lose their tone, appesantendosi.

weight training exercisesRelaxed tissues, cellulite and fatty deposits can spoil the line of your legs and arms making us look out of shape and pushing us to get dressed hyper. To avoid having to go out in the middle of summer wearing scarves and shawls to hide arms too round, and skirts that do not show, of our legs, not even a piece of ankle, we can immediately run for cover with gymnastics.

Simple toning, weight training exercises performed every day, in fact, they can keep well-trained muscles of our limbs, and especially help us to dispose of the pads of fat. Here are five to try comfortably at home, without spending a single euro in the gym.

01. The first exercise that we propose is used to firm up the arms and also the breast ( as we are).weight training exercises  Stand with your feet slightly apart, place your hands palm to palm and push, either by contracting the biceps muscles of the breast. In doing this exercise you need to keep your arms and elbows raised. Weight training exercises do contractions below 100…

02. According exercise to tone your triceps. Stand with your legs slightly bent and your torso a little ‘ moved forward, challenged two 2-liter bottles (or two small weights 2.5 kg) with outstretched arms and raise them pushing back as you can. Perform 3 sets of 15 lifts for exercises

03. Third exercise is useful to train your legs. Use a step ( or step of the house) and just hop on and off rapidly ( sequence 30 ), and then stop and do a lunge with your left leg, which will serve as a stretching exercise, and repeat with your right. Accomplished ten lunges on each leg , then shoot to climb down the steps for the other 30-40 times.

04. Fourth year. To tone up and slim down your legs. Supine, with arms parallel to the body, raised his legs to make the classic bicycle, pedaling until you feel sore muscles.weight training exercises  Increase the time day by day

05. Fifth year. Weight training exercises For legs and arms. From a squatting position, with your feet together, bring your arms back and jump to the right. Then stretch your arms in front of you and make another leap that will take you back to the starting position. Saltellate in this way from side to side, as quickly as possible, for 30 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds and repeat for another 30 jumps.