Valuable tips to identify fake UGG boots


With Christmas fast approaching, you may have plans to start your shopping session for family and friends. Buying in advance will allow you to shop with peace of mind and find out a variety of products to choose from. Sheepskin Women’s UGG Boots are indeed an ideal gift for your spouse or beloved one during this festive season. However, with this brand becoming quite a household name, there have unfortunately emerged several fake products being sold in this brand name. Hence, you need to be well informed and know how to differentiate original and fake products. To ensure enhancing personality and style, it is important that you select only original products.


It is quite natural for you to check the price tag when trying to Buy Women’s UGG Boots. Made from original sheepskin, these boots are expensive. However, prices change periodically. You can also come across cheap UGG boots on the web put up for sale. But these are absolute fakes which you need to avoid. With proper research and understanding, it is possible to weed out fake products and buy only authentic ones that will make the recipient happy and satisfied.

Some visible telltale signs to identify fake products

  • Check stitching quality. If it is very bad, it is obviously a fake and should be avoided. However, if you are a first time shopper, then trying to distinguish ‘very bad’ from ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can be difficult. If you find it not well stitched or perfect, then it is fake.
  • If you come across specific boot labels (externally and internally) which display ‘Manufactured in New Zealand’ or ‘Manufactured in Australia’, then it is obviously a fake. The reason is because it is in China that Deckers have been creating them for some time. You can find more relevant information from the official portal
  • You can request for ‘Nightfall’ mode and if it is presented in any other colour apart from chestnut, then this product is a fake. The reason is because, Deckers manufactures ‘Nightfall’ only in Chestnut colour.

  • When you Buy Fashion Women’s UGG Boots, find details about black coloured boots. Black labels having white coloured ‘UGG’ logo and black coloured soles can be noticed in authentic black coloured UGGs. On the other hand, fake ‘black’ UGG boots come with tan coloured soles as well as non-black or brown labels.
  • When boot colour is concerned, you will never find ‘camel’ coloured boots in this brand. It is a fake if this coloured UGG boot is presented to you.
  • Find out about ‘Sundance’ model. Original ones are available in sand, chocolate or chestnut colours. Other than this, the boot is just another fake. Black colour is no more being produced. However, some old stock might exist. If sold in large amounts, then it is most probably fakes which you should avoid.
  • Sheepskin fur used genuine UGG boots will match boot colour. However, the sheepskin fur designed at the boot bottom, where the foot rests is said to be always of cream or natural colour.
  • When you Buy UGG Boots, you need to understand that the genuine product’s sole is around half an inch or more. But fake ones come with very thin soles, probably ¼”.
  • Find out kid’s and women’s ‘size’ label. All U.S., U.K. and Euro sizes are clearly mentioned on the kid’s UGG. But women’s shoes display only U.S. size.

To make sure you get hold of a genuine product, you should shop from DKUGG OFFICIAL portal. This will give you immense happiness and greater satisfaction from the purchase made.