Valentine’s Day: 5 Beautiful Poems To Declare His Love


You find the gang poems, nerdy and totally outdated for Valentine’s Day? Yet French literature is full of true treasures written by the greatest poets. Getting inspired by one of them can be a great way to declare your passion. Especially if the elected of your heart is a lover of letters.

1- “The hands of Elsa”, by Louis Aragon, from the collection “Le Fou d’Elsa” (1963)
Give me your hands for worry

Give me your hands I dreamed so
Much I’ve dreamed so much in my loneliness
Give me your hands that I’m saved

When I take them to my poor trap

Of palm and fear of haste and excitement
When I take them as a water of snow
That melts from all over my hand to me

Will you ever know what is going through me?

What upsets me and who invades me
Will you ever know what is piercing me?
What I betrayed when I did it

What says the deep language?

This silent talk of animal sense
Without mouth and without eyes mirror without image
This shudder to love that has no words

Will you ever know what the fingers think?

Of a prey between them for an instant held
Will you ever know what their silence?
A flash will have known from unknown

Give me your hands that my heart is formed

Keep the world silent for at least a moment
Give me your hands that my soul sleeps there
That my soul sleeps there eternally.

2- “For you my love”, by Jacques Prévert, from the collection “Paroles” (1946)

I went to the bird market
And I bought birds
For you my love

I went to the flower market
And I bought flowers
For you my love

I went to the market to scrap
And I bought chains
Heavy chains
For you my love

And then I went to the slave market
And I looked for you
But I did not find you, my love.

Elsa Triolet, for whom Louis Aragon wrote the poem "The Hands of Elsa"
Elsa Triolet, for whom Louis Aragon wrote the poem “The Hands of Elsa”

3- From “I breathe where you palpitate”, Victor Hugo from Les Contemplations collection (1856)

You know what good, alas!
Stay there if you leave me,
And live if you leave?

What’s the good of living, being the shadow?

Of this angel who fled?
What good is it, under the dark sky, to be?
Nothing but night?

I am the flower of the walls

Of which April is the only good
It is enough that you go away
So that there is nothing left

You surround me with Halos

To see you is my only concern
It is enough that you fly
So that I fly too

If you go, my forehead is leaning

My soul to heaven, its cradle,
Flee, in your white hand
You hold this wild bird.

What do you want me to become

If I do not hear your step
Is this your life or mine?
Going away? I do not know

When my storm succumbs

I presume in your pure heart
I am like the dove
Who comes to drink at the azure lake?
Love makes the soul understand
The universe, salubrious and blessed
And this little flame
Alone illuminates the infinite…

Find the whole poem here…

4- “To Georges Sand”, Alfred de Musset

Here you are, in my starry nights
Bel angel with azure eyes
With veiled eyelids,

Love, my supreme good, and that I had lost!

I thought, for three years
To conquer you and curse
You And you, eyes crying, with your sweet smile,

At the bedside, here you are back

Well, two words of you made me the king of the world,
Put your hand on my heart
His wound is deep

Widen, beautiful angel

And let it be broken!
Never loved lover

Dying on his mistress,
Has not on darker eyes drunk celestial drunkenness,
No one on a more beautiful forehead has ever fucked you!

George Sand, 1864

5- “To whom I love”, Nérée Beauchemin (from the collection “The matutinal blooms” (1897)

In your immortal memory
As in the repository
Of a divine chapel
For the one who is faithful to you,
Keep the love and the hope

Keep the love that fills me,

The love that makes us dream Guarantees
The hope that keeps alive
Guards the faith that delivers
The faith that must save us

Hope is light,

Love is liquor,
And faith is prayer
Put those treasures, my dearest
In the depths of your heart.