Tritium watches: A dark technology!

Tritium watches
Tritium watches

A dark Technology:

The history of watches is been so long. But the designer struggled a lot to develop the wrist watches which can illuminate light throughout the darkness. Firstly, the radium paint is applied all over the dial of the watch. Its side effects compromise the health of the workers. Hence, in the early 80’s electroluminescence was introduced but it causes battery life reduction. At the end of the picture a new technology strikes the market. Tritium filled luminous tubes are used in the dial of the watch to bright it in a dark environment too.

Tritium watches
Tritium watches

Is it risky to your health?

Unless radioactive radium, Tritium watches causes no health risk to you whenever you wear it or the workers who assembles the configured part. Tritium exposes beta particles that are sealed in glass tubes. In case if it exposes it doesn’t penetrate to your outer skin.

How the dials glow?

Let me put down the pen on some technical terms that make the dial glows.

Phosphorescence has the ability to emit light from some materials. The light you see are packed with energy packets known as photons. Its basic idea is so explainable. When the electrons excited from lower energy state to higher energy state, then it relaxes down to ground state. Thus, it emits the photon which you see as a glowing dial. Later on, the Fluorescent materials tend to emit absorbed energy rapidly as compare to the Phosphorescence. But usually Fluorescent doesn’t use much in making of the dial of the watch. Hence, you must go for tritium watches when it adds on your attire.

Basically, tritium is a low energy beta particle. It is used in long term application. Watch dial are some of the most basic example of tritium applications.

Tritium watches
Tritium watches

Salient features:

Some of the salient feature of Tritium watches that you must keep in your mind whenever you buy it.

In order to hunting the best wrist watch you should opt watches that you can watch on time 24/7. Specially if you are a night person. Sometimes people made this mistake too often that they don’t searched up to the dial illumination. Daylight hours are ok but having a sight on time even in night too is pretty much important.

Illumination: Obviously, tritium has a unique feature as it allows you to see in dark. No matters whether it’s a day or night. Illumination feature increases its demand.

Brightness levels: you can choose different brightness level. It has categorised into two. T25 and T100. T100 watches glows a bit brighter as compare to the T25. Due to this it differs in prices too. Although 25 and 100 are tent to name as some tritium millicuries.

Tritium source: The company or the brand which provided tritium source to the watch makers matters the most in terms of durability and dial illumination of the watch.

Warranty: If you invest your valuable money in order to buy a watch, definitely you must go through the brand which gives you some guarantee and warranty services. As in case if in future any internal structure of the watch detects to be defected then the company ensures you to provide you the services. Basically, scratches are not in terms of warranty. Hence it is necessary to read out the proper terms and conditions of the watch before you officially purchase it.

Colours: Colours of the illumination light are one of the most important features. Basically, the colour glows depend upon the paint which is done on the glass tube of tritium. Although among several colours, Green tend to be most used colour on the glowing dial. As it is so easiest to see in dark. Some precise colours are white, yellow and light blue apart from green. Red, dark blue and orange are also available but they are hardest to see.

Outer Cases: Typically, the tritium watches often made up of stainless steel. CRPC is an alternative used for the cases as well. Well some people avoid this method as it is breakable in some cases. Hence, stainless steel is worth investing in building the outer case of the tritium watch.

Glass genre: The screen used in watches is made of some glasses. Sometimes to reduce the manufacturing cost of the watches, mineral glasses are used. Well tritium watches use Sapphire crystal that are most expensive but durable.

When you come in order to find the best tritium watches, you should concern about its illumination, portability and durability. You can take a look on the site in order to buy yourself a tritium watch and its various varieties.