Dresses by the celebrity at New York event was attended by all the hottest fashionistas: the evening Topshop! Beyoncé, Cara Delevingne or Paris Hilton caused a sensation. Check out their looks in pictures.


Dresses In Evening Topshop By all the Hottest Actress

Dresses 5th Avenue in New York last night vibrated to the rhythm of the opening of the new flagship Topman. The male equivalent of Topshop gathered paradoxically much it girls. Many celebrities have made a splash at the event, and they were of course dressed in designer looks of the British brand. Cara Delevingne, star muse Topshop this season, for example, appeared in a little black dress ultra sexy.

Even Beyoncé made the trip wearing a glamorous look because it consisted of a very tight dress sequins. It has recently learned to future collaboration with Queen B. Topshop covers an event not to be missed for her fans. The wife of Jay-Z also made headlines by unveiling his new haircut. Beyoncé seems undecided recent weeks … Jourdan Dunn also played the vamp with a transparent dress at the chest.

Other invited preferred to bet on more beautiful outfits. We think Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Poppy Delevingne, who opted for white. Singer Ciara wanted to play shifted opting for a leather jumpsuit XXL. Our heart of the evening!

Beyoncé in the night Topshop in New York

Queen of the night, which will soon collaborate with Topshop has to honor the brand by wearing this little dress with sequins worth $ 130.