Our hair care mistakes is our crown, so it’s important to look after the crown in order to keep it looking healthy and shiny. But we realize there are some habits that we do actually damage our hair you know, girls. So before we even damaged hair, we check any habit could ruin our crown.


Hair Care Mistakes Step By Step

01: Rubbing With a Towel

Hair care mistakes after shampooing we definitely dry your hair with a towel first. Because of her zeal, we sometimes rub the hair too tight. It turns out that this habit can be bad for our hair, girls. Friction between the hair and rough towels can damage the hair cuticle, because the hair is still wet has really vulnerable cuticle texture. So, instead of rubbing your hair with a towel tightly, we better drying by pressing gently and wrap hair in a towel. The way it will still protect your hair cuticle.

02: Drying Without Protection

lets admit anyone who likes to dry your hair with a hair dryer or vise tool?

It turns out that the habit is always dry your hair with these tools can make our hair can be easily damaged and burned. But this can be overcome by using a heat protestant product before drying hair. This product can be spray or gel that is useful for protecting the hair cuticle of the hair dehydrated so we remain in a healthy state. One more tips for reducing damage to our hair-dryer pairs we are not in the highest heat yes, girls.

03: Drying Wet

Sometimes it was so baseball temper, we like to dry your hair with a hair dryer or catkin when our hair is still very wet. Actually it can actually make your hair getting damaged and dry, you know! According to research sabot in America, we have to wait for our hair to dry to about 70 % in advance, and then we dry it with these tools. That way, our hair baseball will be ‘ roasted ‘ and broken…

04: Combing From Top to Bottom

the most frequent hair care mistakes we do is comb through the hair from root to bottom. Sometimes we forget that the bottom of our hair was still matted. So if we go from the top but we still matted down hair, hair roots will be automatically attracted by our comb and fall. Better comb bottom of hair first we tangled up baseball again, only then combed over the top.

05: Tying Hair too Tight

Believe it or not, tie your hair too tight can make your hair is damaged. Ron tong hair butter so easy and getting thinner, it can lead to permanent baldness, girls. Alas, spooky huh. So also if we like braiding hair with tight and often. So it is advisable to baseball bind or braids hair often and toned. But if we really like the ponytail or braid hairstyle, we better change the position of the hair ties every day.