Top 5 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair


Gorgeous hairstyles For long hair is beautiful if we just made loose. But once in a while, we should set it’ll look more beautiful, really. Long hair can be styled so our assortment of styles. Starting from a ponytail tied to braid kinds, we can all try. Enlist the help of our friends if indeed we can arrange their own baseball, girls.

2018 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair

Gorgeous hairstyles For long hair

01: Crowning

Make our hair decorated with ‘ crown ‘ of his own hair braids can be a good idea, you know. We can start with two braids our hair and pinned it up with tongs thin. This looks beautiful we use keeping time went to a concert or a friend’s birthday party.

02: Use Tape

Looks like a simple and redundant baseball? Simply tie half of your hair back and add a ribbon for the rubber covering of hair that we use. These hairstyles tend to be timeless and perfect for whenever we apply for our hair, including to school!

03: Get knots

Without the help of a rubber or hair tie, we could tie our hair so beautiful, you know. We just need to tie up your hair and add a locking clasp for the bond. Follow the steps in the picture, girls.

04: Topknots

Lazy our hair on a hot day and again a bad hair day? Make this case, top- knots so the idea so brilliant for our hairstyles today, girls! Top knots including the most simple hairstyle and chic that we can try. Simply wear hair band for tying knots and our top ready to go out with friends,

05: Pony Tail

Here comes the most classic hairstyle that we can try, ponytail. Let me look more attractive, rubber cover our own hair the same hair and the same lock clasp thin ties right at the bottom of the bond.