Many who crave long hair. Therefore, enggak little hair trying to defend or extend it. If it is so, we shall be reluctant to cut hair. The reason, anyway, because we often feel pity for hair. Moreover, if we feel our hair may take a long time to extend it. In fact, hair cutting needs!

cut hair

01: When Hair Go To Pot

While we have long hair as we would like, but if we damaged hair would we even make our appearance enggak okay. Hair tip of the fork or dull hair feels enggak can be proud of. If kepengin have beautiful long hair, do Trimming or cutting the ends of the hair should aja! By cutting the ends from damaged hair, hair beauty we are awake.

02: When Hair Loss

hair loss

If udah have beautiful long hair, but we are thus experiencing hair loss problems , that means we have to cut our hair. Hair that is too long can be a ‘burden’ of the weight of our head that will trigger hair loss. While kerontokan can cause depletion of our hair.

03: Changing  Appearance

Udah bored with our appearance that selfsame? Changing our hair model could be a solution. In addition to changing the appearance, we also will look more fresh with a new haircut. Enggak be too extreme of a model with long hair Pixie cut, can aja us from our pony off first.

04: Change Of Hair Style

After getting a new haircut, months later entunya our hair will grow longer and longer from enggak shaped. Therefore, do not forget to cut it back to keep our hair model.

05: Want To Lengthen Hair

Want Long Hair but must often be cut? Although it sounds strange, but it is the truth. Experts say, the more often we cut hair, our hair growth will be faster. With hair cut regularly, we will instead stimulate hair growth. Therefore, we routinely haircut every 4-6 months, so gals.