Often eat Soybeans? Good girls. Because she has many benefits for our bodies!
In our country, soybeans and various dairy products are very easy to come across. In fact, probably almost every day we consume but we know the usefulness baseball.

Soybeans Benefits For Beauty Bodies

With a variety of nutrition in it, besides baseball wonder that soy is very beneficial to the health of the body, can also be useful for the beauty of our skin

Soybeans Benefits For Beauty Bodies

01: Keeping Skin Beauty

Soy is a natural skin moisturizer. In addition to moisten the dry parts of the body, soy can work simultaneously to reduce the levels of excess oil on oily skin. High content of antioxidants in soy can also ward off free radicals that are harmful to our skin.

In addition to taking it, we also can make the soybeans into a face mask. The trick, soybean crush and add a little water and apply on face for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

02: Maintaining Hair Moisture

For us who have dry and unruly hair, it helps to increase the intake of soy. Taking it regularly can make our hair becomes soft, smooth and radiant.

We can also apply directly to our hair. How, apply soybeans that have been smoothed from root to tip of the hair, rinse after ten minutes.

03: Maintain Nails

Beauty nails baseball equally important, gals. Soybeans in addition serves to strengthen brittle nails, can also moisturize the nails. Try to consume soy regularly for six months and see the difference.

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04: Makes Skin Glowing and Prevent Acne

The content of vitamin E in soy can regenerate skin so dispose of dead skin cells and make the skin become more radiant. In addition, the use of vitamin E oil can speed up the healing process of acne and prevent acne recurs.