Here you find thick eyebrows for eye makeup besides well-known for its unique style, How Delevingne also known for her thick eyebrows, girls. In fact, the thick eyebrows have become her trademark way. Set the thick eyebrows is indeed quite difficult, because we need more efforts in order to remain beautiful eyebrows without looking overdone. Confused how to make us look beautiful thick eyebrows? Imitate the tips of the models who like this funny,

01: Let Growing Perfect

How very confident with the thick eyebrows. And, she ‘s let her eyebrows grow perfectly without too many shaved. You see, if the frequency shaved, eyebrows will be more difficult to set up, girls.

02: Appropriate Forms of Desire

The main weapon is a way to set the brows using eyebrow pencil. How to always form an eyebrow as you wish to use an eyebrow pencil that is the same color as her eyebrows. Then after that, she put a little powder to make it look natural. Lastly, Tinted Brow Gel How to add though thick eyebrows look more natural.

03: Follow Gari Eyebrow

In wearing brow pencil, How to suggest to follow the natural lines that have been established by the eyebrows, girls. Likewise, when we pengin tidy eyebrows. We can shave the outside a little while following the natural lines that have been established by the eyebrows.

04: Give arches

Often thick eyebrows make the face look firm and slightly masculine. Therefore, the way suggested that we form a softer brow arch and baseball too sharp. This makes the face look so feminine and natural. girls.