Soon Simple Makeup Tips For Christmas Party for girls. Christmas atmosphere this year in order to be more memorable, let’s apply a simple makeup tips inspired by this Christmas.

01: Feel the winter with A Touch of Silver

Indeed, heck, Indonesia baseball feels the snow, but Christmas is synonymous with snow. Let’s make snow as inspiration to wear silver or white makeup. The silver color we can concentrate on the eye and guaranteed to instantly make us the center of attention. She cried this silver makeup so easy when applied with any color outfit.


The trick?

1. Dab foundation on the eyelids. To be equitable, we can use the fingertips. Make sure all parts of the eyelid covered by the foundation, yes.

2. Dab old silver eye shadow on the eyelid which leads to the corner of the eye. Then, combine it with silver eye shadow younger eyes to the tip. Make sure the bottom of the eye is also affixed silver eye shadow is yes, girls. Instead, use liquid eye shadow under the eye to this.

3. Add black eyeliner around the eye line. Let tidy, we can draw a line from the inside of the eye toward the outer corner.

4. Lastly, we just wear black mascara to curl lashes.

5. To be shades of winter more so, we can use a soft blush color like pink and peach. Then, use a lipstick that is a little pale, like the color of a peach or nude.

02: Be Glamorous With a Touch of Gold

Christmas festive will be more exciting if wearing all- gold makeup, girls. Indeed, hell, it takes a high level of confidence to dare to wear this color makeup. However, on special occasions such as Christmas, baseball hurt to perform glamour with gold makeup. Let baseball looks excessive, we just focus on the eye makeup wrote, girls.


1. Use a foundation with a darker color than the skin, and then add the brown colored blush. So also with the lips, girls. By using neutral makeup for cheeks and lips, we can play for the gold color of the eyes.

2. Select and apply brown eye shadow on the entire eyelid.

3. Add gold -colored eye shadow in the corner of the eye and slightly touching the bottom of the eye.

4. Use gold eyeliner to frame the eye and reinforce the eye shadow colors that we use.

5. If penguin look more glamorous, we can add gold colored glitter on the corners of the eyes, girls.

6. Lastly, we just wear black mascara.

03: Like A Christmas tree With Red and Green

Christmas trees can also be a fitting inspiration makeup Christmas, girls. Red and green colors are synonymous with Christmas tree we can apply on the eyes and lips. View we will look more playful,

1. Use a foundation with the color level lighter than our skin. Then, wear light-colored blush like red or hot pink. But, do not be too thick, yes, girls.

2. For the eyes, you can use the color green. Choose a soft green color that baseball is too flashy. We can use green eyeliner around the eyes. Then, add the green eye shadow a little younger than eyeliner.

3. Add beside the silver eye shadow green eye shadow. Let cool further, we can add glitter green or white, girls.

4. Finally, use black mascara.

5. For the lips, we can wear pink or red lipstick soft.