During this time we are often excessively to a salon, either for the whole body treatment or simply just a haircut. Looks like hell to the salon’s easy fast. there are many things that must be considered when the salon, the girls.

Things To Consider Salon

Tips On Choosing a Salon

Choosing a salon is easy bother. And, can only time salon that passes, we should be grateful for the hair excessively handled by the trusted and know what we want. But, to get a pass this salon I baseball easy. There are some things we should look out for, including:


Reputation Salon

This is important because I baseball dong want our hair salon addressed the bad reputation? This reputation I baseball mere name, but really good balanced with quality. We can searching reviews on the internet or ask the opinion of your friends when you want to try a salon. If you have friends with cool hair, do not be shy to ask where she treats her hair. And, I baseball hurts to try.

In addition, we can obtain information by calling the salon before membat promise. Ask for an explanation in great detail about the treatment given, hairstylist quality, price, and facilities available. Post this information so they can be compared to other salons. Good Salon will definitely answer these questions with pleasure. After obtaining this information, we can compare between several salons before making the choice.

By calling first, the extent to which we can to find out officer salon is friendliness towards customers. Friendly salon will certainly make us feel comfortable, being that I baseball will only make us lazy to the salon.

Organize Personal Encounters

Before coming to the salon, we recommend setting a personal appointment. Besides I baseball to queue, we can also ask more about the treatments done and what treatment should be done at home later. In addition, it also made ??us closer Cutting over the stylist add up to more enjoy a treatment at his salon. And, we make it easier to file a complaint at any time if you feel less than satisfactory results.

Start From Small Thing

When I try a new salon, do not direct a treatment of the first visit because we need to know the salon. Therefore, start from small things like cutting bangs or hair configure. So, we can increasingly recognize the stylist and salon.

When To Cut Hair

Once you find the right salon, feels relieved fast, okay. We so need to worry anymore I baseball one piece or one hair treatment. But, still there are things to keep in mind when we finally decided to get a haircut or hairstyle change,

Change drastic

Bored with long hair, we even tried pengin Pixie hair. Moreover passes to see Jennifer Lawrence who was beautiful with long hair so alarmingly cool with Pixie hair. It is fairly acceptable hairstyle sedrastis replace this, but be aware of the changes before the match with us or enggak. To peubahan enggak one , we can replace the right hairstyle face shape, hair type, and thickness of the hair.

Got Some Options

Prior to the salon, make sure we got some options haircut to try. Some of these options can be discussed later with the stylist at the salon to seek out models that fit completely. In addition, we can also ask the opinion of your friends about the most suitable model.

Think of Care

Another thing to note also is that the treatment should be carried out later. For example we pengin for model Pixie haircut. What is the appropriate model for the hustle and bustle we should Pixie ditrim every day? Or other treatments such as the use of a gel, foam, curling iron, and so on. Let more satisfied , ask also this to a stylist at the salon yes, girls. Get driving directions to organize your hair to keep it cool as it was when we went out of the salon later.

When to Cut Hair

While already know the model that passes, there are still some other things that should be considered when cutting hair.

Sitting Position

Influential sitting position with the end result. Soalna, is well positioned to facilitate the stylist in laying out and cutting our hair. Do not cross your legs because it would make so enggak balanced posture. Instead, sit upright with the head position right in the middle to get a good stylist when laying out our hair.

Shirt Color Contrast

Option football is also influential. We recommend that you select the shirt color hair color to contrast with the effects of the new hair will be seen more clearly. Dark colors will only make the hair so less clear cut.