What are the main causes of hair loss? Hair loss does not always have to alarm as certain

percentage fall is normal because the hair are born, grow and die to make way for new hair, hair loss instead begins to be a problem when there is no longer the regular ” Recycling plants ” vital hair.

Hair Loss

To better understand it must be said that there are three life stages of hair:

Anlagen phase in which the matrix produces the cells that form the hair allowing it to be traced back along the walls of the follicle. It lasts from 3 to 5 years (often in women up to 7 years). Healthy hair is formed from 90 % of the hair in this phase.

Cartage phase is that phase which lasts a few weeks in which following a hormonal signal or chemical follicle enters a resting phase in which the cells do not reproduce and most of the hair is made in the scalp but not falls and even grows again.

deluge, however, is the stage at which we stop all production activities and the hair is held back only by the walls of the follicle: when you are in the deluge phase to that of the fall itself can take up to 4 months.

The causes of hair loss can be varied:

For example, in the so-called transition seasons (fall, spring) hair loss often increases because the man keeps an ancestral event (such as the shedding of hair characteristic of many mammals).

Other examples of causes of hair loss may include: emotional shocks, super periods of activity and stress, intense study, strong professional responsibilities, family difficulties, sports / professional intensely tiring, debilitating diseases etc…

The examination of the hair more used to try to determine the cause of hair loss is trichogram, which is observed under a microscope the hair collected in different areas of the scalp to know how hair grows and how much hair they die.

There is also a test called phototrichogram (with a macro to limited areas of the scalp) and another exam called pull- test (determines the intensity of the fall in a given period).

When you hear of alopecia refers to a decrease in the quality and quantity of hair (as well as the tendency to their complete disappearance). The fall of the hair…