Body lotion products can be achieved in various ways, with the exposure of the skin to sunlight or artificially with the help of special ultraviolet lamps, but in both cases it is always suggested to use special tanning products a protective and moisturizing.

Tanning as a term, identifies both the cosmetics prepared to donate, with exposure to raggisolari, hot and tan uniform is simple staining substances or self-tanners that allow with zero effort and in a short time to get a tan effect without the sun.

Beauty Body Lotion Products

Exposure of the skin to the sun gives rise, as is known, to an effect of pigmentation due mainly to ultraviolet rays, which are the most active component of the solar rays.

However, the exposure to the sun also causes secondary effects not always aesthetically positive which can be the classic solar erythematic and mild inflammation or even too rapid drying and hardening of the skin.

Furthermore, after exposure may also be represented by an uneven pigmentation patches of different hue.

Hence the need to use special cosmetic emulsions with oils capable of filtering up to 30% of solar radiation, the oils most used for this purpose are suite mate coconut oil, sesame oil and the oils of exotic fruits, allowing so in most cases to obtain without drawbacks and in a fairly short period of time and a beautiful golden tan and uniform.

In addition to those just mentioned, there are other products that can be used to protect the skin from the slightly irritating as well as highly dehydrating action of sunlight is desirable that these products contain substances smearcase nutrients and moisturizers help restore the natural hydro-lipid status, altered by the rapid drying caused by prolonged exposure to light.

The tanning products that can be purchased in various formats such as sprays, liquids and creams, sprays, and should be applied in a uniform layer on the skin, taking care, however, ‘ that does not absorb trope repayment, especially in the case of sensitive skin.

The artificial staining substances on the market, can be based on different active ingredients and improved from year to year by the scientific laboratories, so that they not only protect and promote the tan also also help to Rend ell at the same time more durable.