Wonder if the hair is referred to as the crown of women, because one part of the hair so that makes us look beautiful. In addition, let us also always take care to stay healthy and unsightly. Unfortunately, though still thick hair care easy baseball. Some daily habits that we do actually makes thinning hair, including shampooing with hot water.

Stop Keramas with Hot Water


01: Hair Breakage

In the morning, the air – chill cold again and would not want us to have a shower before going to school. For this reason, sometimes we decided to make a bath with warm water. Now, if the temperature of the water that we use for shampooing too hot, it can damage the hair and make your hair broken. This will make our hair thinner.

02: Hair’s Natural Oils Reduced

It is even worse would happen if we wash it with hot water every day, girls. Shampooing with hot water every day will erode the natural oils contained in the hair. In fact, the natural oils contained in the hair can protect your hair from drying out naturally.

03: Cold Water Is Better

Although we bathe with warm or hot water, no harm for the baseball hit the cold water on our heads, for the sake of healthy hair. When wetting the hair, shampoo and conditioner wear, make sure you use cold water. Our hair will be softer than when washed with hot water. In addition, the hair’s natural moisture will also remain intact.