Smart Choices for the best School Rings


School ring is not an easy decoration! Therefore, its purchase must be approached thoroughly. Every detail matters from the type of metal the ring is made of, to the size and cost of the product. To figure out how to choose the right school rings, our article will help.

Material, design, price for customing rings

The first question that arises for future newly grads is what metal the school Custom Rings should be from. There are many options:

Gold is the most popular material. Rings of yellow metal are considered classics, but other shades gradually come into fashion. For example, a mixture of gold with copper, which has a characteristic pink color? No less popular is white gold, which is obtained by adding nickel or palladium. Fans of the original colors will enjoy the rings of red, black, green gold. In Europe, Cartier’s Tri-color Trinity ring is recognized as a classic in school fashion, where pink gold represents love, yellow represents fidelity, and white represents friendship. The cost of gold rings varies on average from 1,500 to 3,500 dollars per gram.

Silver is the easiest and most inexpensive option. Silver school Custom Rings online can be either pure metal or gilded. Blackened silver is very popular, which looks solid and stylish. Everyone can afford a silver ring – the simplest product will cost 500-700 dollars. A visit to will help in the choice of the best rings.

Platinum for lovers of exclusive jewelry

This noble metal does not turn yellow over time, unlike white gold, and it is also very strong and wear-resistant. The only drawback of platinum is the high price (from 4000 dollars per gram and above).

Tungsten carbide is one of the most durable alloys in the world. The tungsten carbide Design Custom Rings will not fade over time, will not change color and shape, will not deteriorate or scratch. Despite the fact that the rings from this alloy are quite massive, they look great even on thin girl’s fingers. Another advantage of such rings is the price: regardless of size, a tungsten carbide product on average costs about 1,500 dollars.

If you want something original, take a look at the Custom school rings with engraving or inlay. Rings with precious stones are also good: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, garnets, amethysts and even amber. Which engagement ring is best to choose depends on personal tastes and the budget of the purchase.

If you do not know which ring to choose for the school, but are ready to pay a round sum for it, contact a jewelry workshop. The master will create for you an original sketch of the jewelry and make rings that no one else has.

How to choose school rings by size?

In any jewelry workshop or salon there are special blanks and measuring tools with which you can determine the girth of a finger with an accuracy of a millimeter. But note that your physical condition may affect the accuracy of the measurement results.

Therefore, in order to choose the right rings for the school, you need to prepare for the fitting. For example, if your hands are frozen, they must be dipped in warm water, and if your fingers are swollen from the heat in cold. Make sure that the consultant suggests that you carry out all the necessary manipulations before trying on.

Another important factor in the selection is machining and decorating. Here, the ring manufacturers have greatly reinvented their imagination and thanks to this you will find a number of combinations of colors and decorations, as well as surfaces. In addition to the classic glossy surface, it is also possible to choose sandblasting, milling or other artistically created surface.

You can observe the first scratches on the shiny surface after a short time. Sandblasting, in turn, can smooth over time. It is of course possible to decorate the rings in addition to various indentations or ripples and stones. In the case of zircon artificially created stone the price is more favorable, but the permanence and shine of the stone cuts out over time. Diamond ground diamond of natural origin is characterized by a stable shine and high stiffness. Diamond jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You must also think about engraving the ring. Standard internal engraving of the name and date today can be supplemented with newer and more creative options such as the external or even the fingerprint pattern of a partner, or the engraving of his voice track.