Price Cheaper Laptop Windows 7 Windows 8


Price Cheaper Laptop Windows 7 Windows 8! The meager response of consumers to Windows 8 may be a bad news for Microsoft, but the good news for laptop shoppers. Because Windows 8 laptop prices drop lower detection rates of Windows 7. The laptop with 15 inch screen and operates on Windows 8, the power of the Intel Ivy Bridge processors are detected with a surprisingly low price $ 299 discount on the hunt DealNews.

That price includes 6GB of RAM and 750GB hard drive space, 100 USD cheaper than the best price in the weeks shopping day of the year 6th dark.

Price Cheaper Laptop Windows 7 Windows 8

On some online store, many Windows 7 laptop prices remain higher than the corresponding version of Windows 8. In the 10 month period after the date of sale, including the Windows 7 laptop processor Sandy Bridge Core i5 15 inch screen and is priced around 440USD, down 34% from the original price. Meanwhile the price of Windows 8 devices with similar configuration to the 46% reduction in the 10 month period.

Price cheaper laptop Windows 7 Windows 8
Price Cheaper Laptop Windows 7 Windows 8 Updates

Some customers are looking for the old system to avoid Windows 8 features a new user interface but buyers do not want to learn about them. “The reluctance to accept and adapt to natural user interfaces for Windows 8’s touch may explain why the price of this product octopus so steep,” said DealNews.

In addition, the hybrid device also works on Windows RT prices plunge but not reduced to the imagination as found DealNews of Windows 8.

The reason for the higher price laptop Windows 7 Windows 8 respectively, DealNews that this is simply because of supply and demand reasons, When Windows 7 laptop shortage in supply as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are required to stop working with this platform since last year. While user demand for products of this type is much more than Windows 8 new system to produce large quantities. Therefore, the higher the price laptop Windows 7 Windows 8 respectively understandable.