Models of clutches certainly many of you will have something to celebrate in August. Surely you must go to any wedding or any baptism. If my assumptions are true and you need a party bag for such an occasion, you may help. How? This article introduced you to a small selection of handbags in various shades occasion. Bags are golden-hued, white and pink.

Bags that we will present below are part of the new collection of large companies mainly. Although you will find among them low-cost models. I hope these designs handbags to help you get an idea about who treat bags this season. So be alert to clutch sites that we propose various companies.

Models Of Clutches For Accessorizing Special Occasion

Clutch sites are white protagonists in current collections. They can be found mainly in companies fashion lookbook sites. They accessorize with casual dresses of white, red and coral. The models are varied. You can opt for classic designs with crystals and pearls or fun designs created by Fendi or Charlotte Olympia.

There are interesting patterns and other companies. For example, the firm The Row proposes a silk clutch (1440 euros), a clutch with pearls New Look (32.99 euros), Fendi clutch the Karlito (1100 euro) and Charlotte Olympia proposes the clutch Roby ( 1125). As can be seen, apart from the proposal of the New Look, all other proposals have not priced for all budgets. But they can be a source of inspiration.