Beauty that everyone pulls Miranda Kerr ready this fall her pretty face to the brand Swarovski crystal. Chosen by the house the beautiful Australian therefore poses among the roses to embody the woman Swarovski and refine parts of the collection.

Miranda Kerr English Rose Swarovski

Known for its perfect form Miranda Kerr plays this season charming ambassadors for the Swarovski home. Bright and glamorous the top we could see tread the podium at the last Fashion Week Spring- Summer 2014 has been chosen by Nadja Swarovski to represent the brand.

Member of the executive committee of the house Nadja has also said “We are delighted to be working again with talents such as Ronnie Cooke New house and Nick Knight for our new campaign Roses Nick and freshness and beauty. Miranda and glamor perfectly complement and enhance modern jewelry Swarovski.”

For this season, is the artistic director Ronnie Cook Newhouse photographer Nick Knight and Pharrell Williams for the soundtrack that Swarovski has collaborated on a new campaign. Three renowned professionals who surrounded Miranda so. Ronnie Cook New house has also commented on this collaboration.” Combine Miranda Kerr with English roses, Swarovski jewelry, photographs by Nick Knight original music by Pharrell Williams and you get beauty, freshness and charm everything we love …”

The campaign also includes a TV spot will air in November and in 25 countries.