Latest Mango Sports Dresses Winter Collection 2018


The Mango Sports dresses collection offers high-performance outerwear suitable for passionate activity in the gym as yoga and Zumba, but also to the most courageous who love train running outdoors.

When Pandoro and panettone begin to be everywhere, it is good to run for cover. Workout in the gym or sports anyway to limit the damage of Christmas dinners is now a necessity and The Mango Sports dresses collection sport offers Chiefs interesting to feel sensual and motivated to keep fit in the enterprise.

Mango Sports Dresses
Mango Sports Dresses

Mango Sports Dresses: Gray, Green, and Burgundy Color The Winter Collection 2018

The Mango sports dresses collection is played in shades of green, burgundy, crimson and geranium and various shades of gray, in addition to classic black. Among the pants, there are the usual members of ¾ leggings or long pants or technical fabric that facilitate the sport, and practical shorts. Besides these, there are also pants a little ‘baggy, like the Capri harem in gray or long ones in gray or black.

Mango Sports Dresses

The collection is also rich in the mini top, very few women, most other sports, practically suitable only girls with physical Angels by Victoria’s Secret. All other so wear one of those tops is how to deal with the costume fitting for the second time in a year, Mango offers instead of T-shirts soft that even those who have some role to hide will wear. There are so many, some have short sleeves, others longer to bat and are suitable for the post workout, but they are all nice and sensual, thanks also to the boat neck that turns the shoulder.

Mango Sports Dresses

The collection is also suitable for more courageous going to run and exercise outdoors and also offers waterproof sheltering from the weather and Bodywarmers. Mango offers then sneakers that are matched to the look and nylon bags at competitive prices, to the last minute sports that choose not to invest in more expensive garments.

Mango Sports Dresses


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