Kimono Woman: How To Wear It And With What Outfit?


The kimono is a garment that has a lot of history. In recent years, a new trend has appeared on fashion shows: wear the kimono woman every day and for all occasions. In the following lines, we will share with you some ideas how to carry it along with some information about its history and origins.

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Kimono woman: how to wear it and with which outfit to combine it?

The kimono is a dress of Japanese origin, long and with varied patterns. A few years ago, the kimono was definitely installed in our wardrobes. It quickly became a favorite dress of many ladies, and gentlemen included. Today, we are interested in its origins and we share with you ten ideas how to wear it and with what clothes to match. You will find ideas for the stylish, casual, hippie and sexy look.

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The kimono was worn by women, as well as men and children. Appeared in the 5th century, it is T-shaped which allows hiding the defects of the body. The kimono is composed of rectangles of folded and sewn fabrics but never cut.

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Originally, it was worn during ceremonies and special occasions, but at one point, the kimono became a dress that the Japanese wear on a daily basis. Women can wear it every day, while men only on special occasions. Sumo sportsmen are obliged to wear the kimono in public places, for example. Usually, the kimono is made of silk or polyester. It is, of course, better to opt for a kimono made of natural fabric: silk or cotton. Our regular readers know that we are not big fans of synthetic fabrics.

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The word “kimono” derives from the Japanese words kiru and mono, translated literally “something to wear”. Do not confuse the kimono with martial arts clothing called judogi or karategi. The kimono looks a lot like that, but you have to know that judogi and karategi are different.

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14. The kimono is a long T-shaped dress traditionally worn for special occasions.

Kimono models vary according to the social status and the marital status of the person. Unmarried women wear kimonos ( furisode ) with sleeves falling to the feet or ankles. The kimono also varies according to the seasons.

We see fewer people wearing kimono every day in Japan. This is not the case for Western countries. A few years ago the kimono is very fashionable and worn by many women. A real reversal of roles – in Japan, we wear Western clothes and in France, Japanese clothes. Funny, right?

Today, several clothing manufacturers offer very pretty women’s kimono. Dress, vest, trench coat, jumpsuit or in the shape of light and soft scarf – the choice is yours! We have tried to collect here some of the most beautiful models of kimono found online. Some are still available for sale, others have already been sold out, but you will easily find similar models. Since the kimono is very trendy at the moment, it is easily found in major clothing manufacturers. It’s also possible to find one in thrift shops, but maybe you should look for longer.