Kate Middleton much envied for her light hair and bushy perhaps soon will have to make a clean break. The rumor comes from the former hairdresser royalty. And what is known is that the Royal family does not approve of Kate’s hair too long.

There’s just no peace for Kate Middleton last period. In addition to the gossip about her alleged pregnancy, there is also a small battle in the course of style in the home. It seems that the royal family does not approve the thick hair of the Duchess of Cambridge and has repeatedly called for the cut.

Not only so Kate will have to revise your wardrobe as expressly required by the Queen for the official visit to Australia, but probably will also be forced to give up her beautiful hair. Its distinguishing the latter that all women of the world envies.

The rumor was leaked recently by a former hairdresser of the real revelation of the Radio Times. The lady in question, Denise McAdams, in service for 30 years in the building, said that Kate’s hair is beautiful but are also a bit ‘ overdone. And the same thing seems to think Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, who told Kate to moderate lengths and volumes.

In short, if the fairy-tale literature has filled her head with beautiful princesses because bioccelate (see Rapine, for one thing), the reality is that the modern milady is not frowned upon if you do not take due under control the growth of the mane. It matters little if Kate has always been impeccable in every public appearance.

Indeed, it seems that among other things, the costs to the hairdresser are under indictment, as Kate goes to the hairdresser regularly made in Italy more expensive than the UK, this Rossini Ferrety. In her living room Duchess invest no less than six hours of her day for a full treatment from £ 600. But then we know well the results, since there is no photo that portrays the hair or sloppy mess, indeed!

In short, at the end of the games will capitulate and give Kate a sharply cut her beautiful hair or be able to keep them so long and fluffy? Waiting to see the verdict we love to ask you what you think. Respond to sandbagging of Pink log and leave a message in the comments box at the bottom of the page.