To show the current status of your eyes more beautiful make-up method if you want to refer to some of my angels. Here we provide for you the most private secrets of beautiful eyes may have;

When choosing the color of your Farina which of cold or warm colors you notice that your skin color is appropriate. Cool colors are blue-based colors ( pink, purple…)Warm colors are yellow -based colors ( green, orange…) Lights to crisply when applying color finish, soft reset until the publication.

Secrets For Your Eyes

Your image will gain depth. After you apply eyeliner softly with your fingertips or with the Farina mix.

At the external border of your eye makeup, eyebrow and nose edge thick edge of the boundary between. Matt appearance under consideration will add depth to your eyes. Therefore, in this region and to the outer edge of your eye sparkle.kas font of six to glittery you can apply in your view will increase the depth.

When applying your mascara on your lashes first, then apply the bottom of the zig-zag movements. Range of your eyelashes as you will see the opening.