How To dress being beautiful and match the right colors when you have red hair is just a matter of taste and cunning. Here are the tips of Fast T Women’s. The red hair is a real strength in the look, even if you need to do a little ‘ attention. Recently, a study has argued that this gradient is destined to disappear, at least in natural, because surely the colors remain the treatment “color” longer required. How to dress so if you have hair on fire?

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How to Dress With Red Hair

You need to start first of all by the complexion: natural redheads usually have fair skin, blue eyes and freckles delicate or very widespread. The artificial red (not the wrong color for summer 2014), however, is not said. It is therefore important to pay attention to the hair than to try to coordinate the colors of clothing with your skin, because what should stand out is always the face.

The colors that give the red are blue, green (no green apples, but bright or dark shades), as well as black and white. Avoid if you have a very clear complexion pastel shades such as yellow, pink flesh or beige. They are ideal; however, if you’re more than a red is a dark plum.

In principle, it is good practice not to dare similar warm tones: fuchsia, red or orange tend to do a little ‘ at odds with the red hair, and deep purple or yellow can certainly be a gamble (How to dress effect highlighter is around the corner), but if you attract the attention does not scare you, why not?

The fantasies? The reasoning to be done is always the same: close to the face trying to pull something that can make your skin radiant and make you stand out above all the expression. You then need to bring fantasies with the colors listed above. Nothing prevents you from getting broken in to dare a little shade suits your complexion, as long as the piece below. For example: a nice white jacket paired with a skirt colored apple, a black top with a cigarette pant in pink, etc…