Hiking shoes vs. Hiking boots



There are many who just love to go on hiking long trips along the beautiful mountain or hilly trails. If you are one among them then you do need to choose the right accessories to enhance your pleasure and comfort. One such accessory that is crucial is keep your feet in good condition is the shoes. But you may wonder which one to choose – Hiking Sport Shoes or hiking boots. Many backpackers/hikers prefer wearing hiking shoes, commonly referred to as trail runners. But when hiking, not every hiker prefers to wear hiking shoes.

Hiking boots vs. Hiking shoes

They are much heavier when compared to Warm Lightweight Hiking Sport Shoes. The latter being lightweight is comfortable for the feet. It also reduces the strain that you may normally feel on your legs and feet when hiking long distances. Although boots may last longer than shoes, they are constricting. They stay wet longer. It is a myth that they provide better support to the ankle. Boots are worn more easily, but feet remains cooler wearing shoes. Boots are more suited to be worn for snowy conditions. They require a good amount of break-in time, while being expensive. They are perfect to be worn in some conditions, depending on the terrain to hike.

Different types of materials are used to manufacture hiking boots. They are split leather, full-grain leather, synthetic and nubuck. On an average, boots are heavier when compared to hiking shoes. You can come across boots designed suitable for different conditions.

On the other hand, EVA Insole Hiking Sport Shoes are much lighter. They are designed to reduce strain off your back, legs and feet. Researches revealed that 1 lb carried by the foot used the amount of energy equivalent to carrying backpack of 6 lb. This means, hiking shoes being lighter are a better option to go long distances. They help the body to get less stressed.

Boots can be constricting, which again depends on each individual hiker. Most hikes are best done using lightweight hiking boots.

Boots also lasts longer when compared to shoes, depending on its style. There are available heavy leather boots constructed specially for mountaineering. It can easily outlast shoes and lightweight boots. It is possible to resole such boots meaning it could be used for several years without having to purchase another one. also, Moreover, how you walk determines the shoe or boot’s life. You can get to know the type of hiking shoes available at https://www.casual-sportsshoes.com/!

You can get more comfort wearing shoes. Also your feet will feel much cooler. The reason is because it is constructed with thick materials. But still, hiking shoes are much lighter than boots. If hiking in extremely hot, dry areas, shoes are considered to be a better choice.


When compared to Anti Slip Hiking Shoes, boots are more expensive. The average boot cost is around $120 to $170. On the other hand, shoes cost around $30 to $120. Some may prefer boots as it requires less replacement than shoes, thus being more affordable in the long run.


Boots do take more time to break-in. This is more so for heavy leather boots. Shoes however, are much lightweight, comfortable on the feet and also take less time for break-in.

However, the ultimate choice is yours, whether to invest in hiking shoes or hiking boots. It is entirely personal preference. No right/wrong answers exist as to which one will be the perfect choice. You need to find out wearing which one you feel more comfortable and can move about freely. It also is associated with your hiking personality and how you hike. You can click here to start shopping!