The hands are the calling card of a person, to have healthy nails and treated is a key aspect in a woman.

Manicured nails and healthy


Healthy Nails Tips To Get Hands Always Neat Manicured nails and healthy

Healthy Nails Tips Step By Step

Trend or no trend, the rule is always the same: treat your nails before applying nail polish.

  • Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamins guarantee nails flexible yet robust. Milk, yogurt and cheese make the football, while the vitamins necessary to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • You never ever have to chew their nails. Besides creating an aesthetically unpleasant situation to watch, infections can occur. The nails should not be cut too short, always leave a little ‘of “white part” before the nail bed.
  • Cuticles on the nail bed must not be cut but only softened and pushed back with an orange stick. The form must be chosen following the natural stretch. Avoid artificial forms, corners too defined break more often.
  • The nail should be treated more gently, aggressive treatments such as restorations and covers gel may damage them. The layer of gel will not breathe the nail inevitably weakening it.
  • In the case of yellow nails, dip in lemon juice for five minutes. The acids in the lemon will implement a natural bleaching process. Always associated to the treatment with a massage with olive oil, so as to restore the “fat” natural.
  • Before applying the enamel colored roll always a transparent base. That way if the enamel becomes stained, the transparent base will prevent nails from staining. It is a rule that applies especially to the very dark or bright colors like black, red, blue, orange and green.
  • If you browse the nail, remove the offending part with a brick abrasive grit light. But be careful not to scratch too, the area could weaken and then burn for quite a while ‘.