Hairstyles To Do in 10 Minutes: The Braid Cascade in Summer Version


The waterfall braid hairstyle is trendy and beautiful to wear in any season. And in the summer we can emphasize in fast and easy way to make it spectacular. Follow our tips

The braids some years now have become one of the most loved by young girl’s hairstyle with Hollywood stars that have exhibited in a “posh” also on the red carpet with ease and charm. For some time the classic braid was a bit ‘evolved, going from hairstyle for girls or ladies style practical and rustic hairstyle to become a cult in the skilled hands of hairdressers of the stars.

Hairstyles to do in 10 Minutes: the Braid Cascade in Summer Version

Hairstyles to do in 10 minutes

One of the models is certainly the most fashionable beautiful waterfall braid, which allows you to crown the head in a romantic way and let loose lengths. Given that the classic version is perfect in every season and every occasion (maybe for an elegant evening can turn into a low harvest by stopping the hair with a jewelry clasp), and in the summer we can give more emphasis and movement making the wildest hair. And guess what, it will only take 10 minutes to amazing hairstyle!

The first steps are pretty classic: combing their hair in order to eliminate any node and are starting to take three strands from near the right temple and left. These clumps will initially twisted a couple of times as the principle of a common braid, after which the lock that remains closer to the face will be vacated and replaced with another top (the opening video post explains in detail how to do it).

This operation must be repeated after every plot and allow the hair to remain anchored to the roots as if it were a coronet. When you get behind temporarily fixed with a goose beak, and do the same steps on the other side. Where the two ends meet close with a rubber band or fixed with a nice clip.

And now the fun part: the texturing. Spray the hair with a spray based saline or with a mousse curling taking the crown downwards. Work the hair tightening into fists so that they take a turn and then move given a shot of the speaker. If you want the wild waves take the form of paid a bit ‘of lacquer. The contrast between the smooth and the rough pigtail lengths give a beautiful effect and sought after.

And you’ll have the satisfaction of having achieved a hairstyle trendy and sparkling in a few minutes.

Hairstyles to do in 10 minutes Hairstyles to do in 10 minutes Hairstyles to do in 10 minutesHairstyles to do in 10 minutes Hairstyles to do in 10 minutes Hairstyles to do in 10 minutes