Hairstyles in 10 Minutes Tousled Look for Short Hair


The Hairstyles in 10 minutes tousled look is a must this summer. If you give a haircut, this is a great option for acconciarli at best Of course in 10 minutes

The short hair is certainly typical of the warm season, when it demands freshness and convenience at any time of the day. And of course the hairstyle also goes hand in hand with these requirements, becoming much more carefree. Hairstyles in 10 Minutes If you then want to look young and bubbly, the tousled look is certainly the one that best suits any occasion morning or evening.

Hairstyles in 10 Minutes

Here is How to Style Her Hair in This Hairstyles in 10 Minutes

It should first say that if you have your hair styled tomboy, then cut above the nape of the neck, the procedure is undoubtedly easier to just adopt basically only two products: a spray saline (what hairdressers call “water and salt” ) used to texturize hair and a gel extra strong to keep each tuft in perfect shape.

Hairstyles in 10 Minutes Simply spray the water and salt over the entire head of hair and dry with a diffuser holding her head facing down. Finally we will give a direction to the strands using the gel. The secret is to get your hands dirty with the product and work on small tufts putting them into the fold with your fingers. In minutes you’ll get a wonderful result and highly sought after.

In the case in which the hair had a little ‘longer, you will need a little’ preventive work (always a matter of a few minutes) to give a first embodiment. After spraying the water and salt in the root zone proceed with a normal blow-drying, directing the air from the bottom upwards to give volume.

Cut my hair and sprayed on a strand large (about 6-7cm) a little ‘heat-resistant lacquer, then use a curling iron to create a soft curl and secure with a goose beak to hold the fold. Do the same for the whole hair: having short hair you put very little. Hairstyles in 10 Minutes concluded fastening remove the goose beaks and mess a little ‘hair with your fingers.

In the last definition given at the tips with a good wax seal high and finish with a splash of lacquer.

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