Top 8 Haircuts for Round Faces For 2018 Hairstyles


Haircuts for round faces You know what that secretly very considerate guy, you know. Even little things like the same hairstyle. You see, the hair is so the first thing to note guys. To the extent that they have the pieces and hairstyles are popular, you know.

Top Hairstyles Haircuts for Round Faces 2018

Bohemian Long Hairstyle

Long hair guy turned out to attract attention, especially when laid out in the style of a bohemian girl aka wavy and flowing. For men, this hairstyle looks soft to the touch, hi – hi – hi. For us who have straight hair, still can get this hairstyle. Staying used a curling iron, hair so this style.

Hair Moreover
Hair so the first thing to note guys. Moreover, this style

Sporty Ponytail Hairstyle 

The guy is anti complicated creatures, as well as about the girl she likes haircuts. The hair is tied high ponytail style and sporty seem really easy draw attention to guys, girls. We can try this ponytail style for everyday activities.

Ponytail hairstyles
Ponytail style, simple and complicated, but baseball boys like.

How easy really, the hair and comb neatly tie up high. Let us add hairspray durable. To have bangs, this style will make us look cooler. Plus makeshift makeup, then we will be more sporty look perfect. Wanna try?

Beachy Wave Long Hairstyle 

Haircuts for round faces Have long hair is easy to attract the attention of boys. Moreover, long hair with curly or wavy accents guaranteed to make him difficult to distract him from us. How to get it too easy really.

beach wavey Haircut
Wavy hair beachy waves really feminine

Staying in a blow, and then added mousse, and combed slowly while forming an impression curly. Then, spray with an all-over hold hairspray.

Face Framing Layers Hairstyle

The layer-shaped haircut is so reliable we are, whether it be for short or long hair. Apparently, this face-framing layers also become a favorite with guys, girls. Because making a guy like that occasionally irritated because of the layer covering our faces, he-he-he. If planning to change the hairstyle, baseball is no harm in trying this style.

Layer Haircut
Pieces layer that makes a guy irritated, hi-hi

Pigtails Wavy Hairstyle

Once in a while, appearing childish baseball no harm, really. As it turns out the pigtail style also attracted the attention of a guy. To get easy really. Stay divide hair into two sections and tie it at the bottom with a loose accent and perfect so there is bound baseball wavy impression.

pigtail hairstyles
Style pigtail little childish but liked the guy

Play It Short Haircut

Those who love baseball long hair do not worry because some guys actually prefer girls with short hair. Especially if we have thin hair, then it fits really short pieces. We can try pixie. With this haircut, we can look edgy and sporty but still look cute.

Haircuts for Round Faces
Some guys even like girls short hair, pixie-like model

Bouffant Long-Length Bob Haircut

This haircut is interesting for a try, and it is also favored by boys. We could try a short bob or lob aka long-length bob slightly. She cried, this hairstyle baseball will never stale. Why not give it a try?

Bob Shor Haircut
Bob and long bob style that is dead enggak

Let ‘s Straight Short Haircut

Had long straight hair? Haircuts for round faces For some of these guys make their baseball hairstyle can divert attention to other things, he-he-he. Especially if styled clean-cut, guaranteed to make a guy hard turn, Make sure your hair healthy and shiny before attempting this style yes, girls.

Long straight haircut
Long and straight hair styled clean-cut guy who makes amazed

How to apply haircuts for round faces if you like to comment…?