Going to Xinjiang for your vacation

Xinjiang Tours
Xinjiang Tours

The tourism in China is one of the important contributors to the economy of China. And it comes as no surprise since China is full of amazing locales and breathtaking tourist places that are worth visiting and experiencing. Amongst the different stunning places in the country, the Xinjiang is one of the best tourist locations and the place witnesses a constant stream of visitors every year for Xinjiang tours.

The beauty of Xinjiang

Xinjiang, located in the western China, is the largest province there and the place is replete with several historical sites of ancient silk road and breathtaking natural landscape. You also get to experience the unique and distinct culture belonging to the 47 minority communities. If you are looking to visit Xinjiang then you will find that the place is full of charming unique culture as well as natural scenery.

Xinjiang Tours
Xinjiang Tours

Xinjiang is a city that is furthest away from the sea however it is the land which has got stunning landscapes, mysterious meaning as well as vitality. Xinjiang can be considered as a tourist paradise since it is full of amazing places and vibrant cultures. The place is a geographical landscape with rivers, mountains, lakes, Gobi deserts, grassland and history as well as culture. As a tourist you can enjoy the adventures of visiting the Karez irrigation system which is created by local wisdom in Turpan and a trip to the legendary and heavenly lake. You also have the option of visiting the Ghost city for the unique landform and howling wind as well as admire sunset of the Jiaohe ruins. In Xinjiang you also get to explore the mysterious village of Hemu located in the Altay mountain. Kashgar is another place, which is an ancient city, that has got profound nature as well as distinct societies – you can choose to walk the old town of Kashgar to experience the customs of local people and unique lifestyles.

Cuisine is another significant attraction of Xinjiang. Here you can find different types of dishes and cuisines that will satisfy the taste buds of a wide range of people. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone or with kids and families when you choose Xinjiang China travel agency you get to explore the long history, natural wonders as well as splendid culture that is combined with some of the most professional and excellent service at attractive lowest prices. It is important to note that the tour operator professionals are all locals and therefore will be able to guide you expertly so that you can have the best holiday experience that you can get.

Why should you choose Xinjiang China travel agency?

Since the year 2005, Xinjiang China travel agency has been a pioneer of the Silk road, West China inbound tourism in the country. The company has provided tour arrangements for more than 10000 travelers and helped them fulfill their long held dream ambition of visiting this legendary route and carry out their adventures through professional, enthusiastic and passionate work.

You can choose to go through silk road tours in the country of China and then do an extension through to the central Asia where you can trace footsteps of the famous man Marco Polo. You can also go through the Silk road caravans and visit various historical sites that includes Buddhism arts of Grottoes and the Mysterious ruins which are Pompeii of Silk road.

In the past 15 years the team at https://www.silkroadtravel.com/ has been personally visiting the different places through the ancient route. The team members don’t rely on any external resources but rather their operation is very much based on first-hand experience. The customers are guaranteed to be safe and experience complete enjoyment with the dedicated arrangements made by the company professionals. While this operation might be routine for them, the tour agency understands that it is one in a lifetime experience for you so they take complete care to make it the most enjoyable and fun holiday experience for you ever.

Xinjiang Tours
Xinjiang Tours

As far as transportation goes, it is economical as well as convenient to travel with the express train. If you wish you can also choose to extend the tour of Silk road travel to Yunnan, Tibet, Uzbekistan and other destinations. If you choose to extend then the travel agency will make the custom arrangements for the extension.

Packages offered at Xinjiang China travel agency

There are various attractive packages that are offered at the Xinjiang travel agency to meet the varying travel requirements of various customers. Some of the best featured travel packages include 12 Days Xinjiang Private Tour: Kanas Lake and Kashgar, 5 Days Xinjiang Winter Tour: Urumqi and Turpan, 10 Days Xinjiang tour to Narat Grassland and Kashgar, Kashgar to Turpan Tour by Train and 9 Days Urumqi to Kanas Lake Tour amongst others.