The 10 Coats Of Gigi That We Would Like In Our Wardrobe


In these last weeks, Gigi Hadid has given us a masterful lesson on how to choose the perfect coat. The top knows which model to choose for each occasion and how to take it masterfully. We analyze their latest coats and, incidentally, spy on their style tips.

The Checkered Coat

But, in this case, it is not the most classic coat. Gigi gives it a twist betting on a model more tartan type (than Prince of Wales), with large lapel and marked shoulders.

Gigi Hadid Checkered Coat

The Biker Jacket

Gigi shows us that she can be the perfect successor of Kate Moss with this look dominated by black, where the biker and the skinny are the protagonists.

Gigi Hadid Dominated Biker Jacket

The Hair Coat

Hadid has also opted for a synthetic fur coat. We love your choice, in dark blue, and your way of combining it, all in the same tone.

Gigi Hadid Hair Coat

The XXL Feathers

She better than anyon1e knows how to follow the trends one hundred percent. If she takes the oversize pens, Gigi looks it with all its consequences.

Gigi Hadid Dominate XXL Feathers Coat

In White

The model shows us that not everything is eccentric and that she also knows (and wants to) bet on the classics. This is the case of this model, in rigorous white, which combines with a black look to be done with the entire leading role.

Gigi Hadid White Coat

The Traditional Camel

And speaking of traditional models, nothing like having an impeccable camel coat for the day you want to dress based on basic. The top knows the power of this garment and uses it as it should be done, with other basic garments.

Gigi Hadid Traditional Camel Coat

The Fur-Lined Coat

Again, a ten when it comes to combining it.

Gigi Hadid Dominate Fur-Lined Coat

The Male Coat

In burgundy and classic-cut, this model is a basic that Gigi uses to combine it with cigarettes and military boots.

Gigi Hadid Dominate Male Coat

The Hair Jacket

Why not bet on the mustard color? It is effective and raises an outfit built on the basis of basic. We love this jacket of hair that serves to not go unnoticed.

Gigi Hadid Hair Jacket

The White Coat Of Hair

For a winter day, the eldest Hadid wears a white fur coat that combines with a black and white styling. We love the touch of the boots in the same color as the rest of the look.

Gigi Hadid in White Coat Of Hair