The Fitness Program To Slim The Tummy and Hips To Do at Home


Even with a good home fitness program, you can get excellent results and dispose of a little ‘ of fat from the belly and hips. That’s the right exercises, to lose weight in areas of the body “critical” as the stomach and hips it takes quite a fitness program to be carried out regularly. It is not enough, in fact, a low-calorie diet to make sure you dispose of those chiletti more of fat that “parked” on our abdomen, forming the classic ugly “do-nut”.

Fitness Program In At Home

To tone the tissues, train your muscles and flatten your stomach it takes gymnastics. Simple exercises targeted, performed consistently, can really change the look of our abdomen giving us an enviable line and taking away several cm longer than the waistline.

Fitness Program

A program of home fitness program, exercise at home, then, is just what we want in these cases, especially in anticipation of the dreaded summer swimsuit season. Etc. some esercii to run every day.

First Exercise:

Stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms open and outstretched sideways, begin to rotate your hips to the waist. Perform at least 30 rotations. Stop, and place your hands on the waist. Perform other 30 rotations looking

Second Exercise:

All fours, begin to lift the right knee bringing it toward your face, so slender leg backwards pushing up but externally, and hold this position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position, and then performed the exercise on the other side. Start with a cycle of 10 per leg and come down to 40 and keep it running contracted the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks

Third Exercise:

Fitness program lying on the floor with your legs together, pick up your knees towards your chest, then rotate your hips to the right, return to center and turn left. Perform this exercise for at least 20 rotations

Fourth Exercise:

Supine, with the arms parallel to the torso, slowly raise your legs straight up to an angle of 90°, then abbassatele very slowly. Start with 5 of these exercises and then gradually to arrive at 20 carry out the following.

Fifth Exercise:

Supine, lift your legs and run the classic bike but lowering the legs to form a 45° angle, in this way by train especially on the lower abs. Continue for at least 3 minutes…

Sixth Exercise:

Fitness program set yourself a great fit-ball and settle supine on the ball and keeping your legs together and try to raise them stretched far you reach. Perform a dozen lifts…

Seventh Exercise: with a hula hoop begin to rotate your hips keeping contracts the muscles of the abdomen. Take as many turns as possible…

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