Exercises to get in shape to the dress rehearsal and streamline the critical points, i.e. tummy, thighs and hips, here are some easy exercises for slimming tummy to do at home every day… If you want to get back in shape and streamline your silhouette, there are some easy weight loss exercises that you can safely do at home, without spending a single euro in the gym and without too much stress.

Easy Exercises To Do At Home

The best time to exercise, especially if the aim is not only to firm and tone your muscles, even to lose weight, it is undoubtedly the morning.

In fact, getting regular physical activity after the alarm clock in the morning, turn on the hormones of metabolism (which “end ” of waking up with the introduction of the food, so never skip breakfast!) Those begin to burn calories and therefore, help your body and lose the extra pounds.

Easy Exercises To Do At Home

If you do not have the ability (or desire) to perform your exercises in the morning, however, no problem, they will still be valid at any other time, the essential thing is that you are constants executing. Here, then, slimming 5 easy exercises to reduce fat deposits on the stomach, hips and thighs.

  1. First exercise is useful to streamline the hips. Get yourself a hula hoop, do adhere to one side of the waist and start, just as you did as children, roteate in the basin so as to twirl the hoop. Take at least 5 minutes of hula hooping per day, is the best exercise to thin the waistline and reduce love handles.
  2. According exercise. To tone your abs and reduce the bacon, lie supine, with arms outstretched participating in the torso and legs together. Slowly raised legs until reaching an angle of 45°, and at the same time slightly raised the bust. Return supine and slowly lower your legs. Repeat for an initial sequence of 10 abdominal (which reached up to 30 per day).
  3. Third exercise for the legs. Bring, with a hop, in squatting position (that of the squat), with knees apart and his arms behind his head. Now bring your right leg backwards by performing a lunge, rimaneteci a few seconds and return to the squat position. Repeat with the left leg. To perform a sequence of 10 squats initially, then coming up to 20
  4. Fourth year. Also for the legs, jump rope, performing the classic fast hops, at least 5 minutes. It ‘ a great weight loss exercise
  5. Fifth year. Abdominals Supine, with the upper body slightly raised, bring your knees up and touch your right knee with your left elbow, and then your left knee with your right elbow. Perform a beautiful sequence until you feel the muscles in your belly aching