Evolution of Football shoes – Points to remember while purchasing

Cheap Football Boots
Cheap Football Boots

Football boots have undergone great change overtime. The boots did not look the same way they look now. They were a lot heavier, ankle length and made of leather. In the earlier times, football as well was not considered to be a sport professionally. People used to play it as a part of their recreation activity or as a hobby. However with time, that also changed and football is now played by many throughout the world in a professional level. It is one of the most popular games played in the world.

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Previously, footballers used to wear shoes or hard boots which were made of leather. They had toe caps made of steel and longer laces in comparison to the shoes we wear now. They also had metal spikes under the sole which gave stability and grip to the players. Later, shoes had round studs that helped the footballers to have better grip than the metal spikes. The shoes were also much longer in length and this was to protect the player from injuries. In the recent times, shoes are now manufactured keeping speed and agility in mind, which helps the player to move fast during the game. In the past, shoes were much heavier and that highly hampered the speed of the player.

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Recently, there have been remarkable changes in the design, style, comfort and looks as compared to the shoes used in the earlier time periods. However, making a decision of which shoe to purchase still remains a mystery. People struggle to get the right pair of boots for their game which will look stylish yet functional. They do not understand which cut, material, style and design to go for. There are a number of points which have to be considered before you invest money in football shoes. It is important that the shoes you choose reflect your style and help you develop your skills. These points can be useful to decide which kind of boots will best suit your needs.


Football shoes are usually made up of good quality leather. Leather takes the shape of the player’s foot over a period of time, making it easy for the player to play. Nowadays, there are a number of synthetic materials that are used to make boots. They are much cheaper and lighter as compared to the leather football shoes.

Boots for Dry pitch

Boots should be designed in such a way that they can be used to play in any kind of pitch, especially a dry pitch. In short, boots should be picked depending on the surface. Longer studs are used in grimy and muddy field than in hard surfaces. Studs are extremely important to gain grip and stability on the field, especially when the player changes his direction frequently. Studs keep the player from slipping on the field and getting injured.

Price and Brand

Football shoes come in different price ranges. It is the up to the player which kind of shoes he/she prefers. There are different shoes for playing on different surfaces. So it is a smart choice to purchase two or more cheap football shoes instead of buying one expensive one. So, it is important to purchase shoes that are durable, comfortable and stylish. You can find a wide variety and the best football shoes here https://www.myfootballaustralia.com/ .

The Sole

The sole of the shoe is a very vital part of the shoe. There are shoes that come with studs which can be changed. Studs are usually used for soft grounds and blades are helpful in hard grounds. So, while purchasing it is important to consider which ground are you going to be playing on and accordingly the decision has to be made.